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Walabot HOME Saves Lives at Healthcare and Nursing Facilities

Vayyar Imaging, a global leader in 4D imaging technologies, has developed the Walabot HOME, a wall-mounted safety device with sensors that use radio wave technology to create a 4D real-time image that tracks, displays and evaluates everything that happens in the home, a care facility, nursing home or a hospital. Vayyar’s technology immediately and automatically notifies emergency responders in the event of a fall and identifies deterioration in health and breathing patterns.

Patients in hospitals and nursing homes can be monitored without cameras, to ensure their privacy is respected. In addition, Vayyar’s fall detection tracks vitals and behavior patterns to help determine if a patient’s health is showing signs of deterioration. This information can be used for pre-emptive predicting and alerting of patients exhibiting early stage signs of being at risk of falls or injuries. With this technology at hand, significant stress is relieved from nursing and medical staff, while enhancing the security and safety of the facility.

Vayyar has already secured strong partners in Europe and is looking to expand its network in home care, rehabilitation, senior and assisted living as well as with other health care providers and insurers.