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Revolutionizing Rehabilitation Robotics

BioXtreme Rehabilitation Robotics is set to revolutionize the world of neurorehabilitation! We’re instilling new dexterity for stroke and other neuro-injuries patients. Using a patent-protected  groundbreaking Error Enhancement technology, BioXtreme has developed a robotic system that preforms upper limb motor rehabilitation. Our product, deXtreme™ preforms automatic rebuild of motion range and capability through adaptive/intuitive learning. Based on unique robotic system that applies Error Enforcement forces, BioXtreme technology helps reprogramming the mind for extreme performance.

BioXtreme aspires to be the leading innovator in the motor-learning field, for all motor kinds. We aim to develop and produce a complete set of multi-purpose, motor learning products, all based on our innovative Error Enhancement technology.
We envision our Error Enhancement based product becoming the standard therapeutic treatment protocol for motor recovery and neurorehabilitation for stroke and other TBI patients.