Remote Monitoring, Telemedicine Solutions, Wearables & IOT
Cardiovascular, Diabetics, Respiratory
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We enable medical device companies to quickly and securely unlock the full potential of connected care

BioT is an easy-to-integrate cloud-based platform for medical device manufacturers and pharma companies, designed to instantly connect between medical devices, patients, caregivers and data to ensure a seamless continuum of care.
Our unique Triple C solution makes it possible to:
• CONNECT – Connect medical devices to the cloud easily and securely
• COLLABORATE – Engage with patients and caregivers directly and effectively
• CARE – Provide better care solutions by harnessing data and insights from remote monitoring.
BioT’s connected care platform provides secure device connectivity, remote patient monitoring and analysis, digital patient engagement, billing and operations management.
In addition, BioT offers extension modules for improving patient adherence, increasing treatment efficacy, and preventing deterioration, with features like Patient-Reported Outcome (PROM) questionnaires, adherence prediction, and more.

By using BioT, medical device companies are able to significantly shorten time and cost to market, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize cybersecurity risks.