Qni by Takaro Tech

Decision Support Systems, Proactive wellness / Lifestyle / Patient Engagement, Remote Monitoring
General Health, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation
Product Demo/Video

Engaging smart sensor-based, AI-driven healthcare platform. Gamified physical and cognitive face-to-face or remote care

The Qni™ health-promoting solution is an AI-based, multi-sensor, smart interactive platform. Powered by patented Qni technology, QniGames™ are movement and cognitive wellness activities.
• Engaging, motivating, fun exercises for diverse ages, needs or impairments
• Personalized, quantitative, AI-driven smart scenarios
• Versatile, portable, quick setup on floor, table or wall
• Intuitive and easy-to-use by health professionals and end-users
• Facilitates social interaction, treatment continuity and remote training in rehabilitation centers, assisted living and home care
Welcome to the Qniverse!
Imagine huge “tablet-like” tiles, configurable in varied shapes and sizes.
QniTiles™ are equipped with high sample-rate multi-touch and proximity sensors together with directional sensors for tile configuration awareness, and smart adjustment to QniGame activities.
Providing an open platform that supports a popular game development framework, enables rapid development of customized activities and games.
We plan to ease the daily struggle and revolutionize rehabilitation and elderly care. Additional prospective health-related markets include obesity, ADHD and fitness