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Reinvent Elderly Care and Patient Safety – Smart AI powered bed Monitoring for Modern Healthcare Facilities

VITALERTER provides a contact-less biosensor monitoring platform for long term care, geriatrics hospitals and telecare services. Placed under a bed or an armchair, the system uses sophisticated AI ML algorithms to accurately monitor vital signs and movements. Therefore, helping healthcare facilities enhance patient care while optimizing operational efficiencies. Vital signs can be continuously monitored providing early warning of acute clinical events as well as overall health deterioration, infections, anxiety and sleep quality. The system tracks body motion assisting in preventing and managing falls and pressure ulcers. Its unique self-calibrating technology uses customized thresholds providing alerts and warning signs optimized per patient. Vitalerter will introduce a new smart bio-patch aiming to monitor continuously patients remotely when returning at home after surgery.
It measures core body temperature, SPo2, HR and inform on current body posture and localization.
Vitalerter is sold as an annual service subscription (SaaS)
Vitalerter is already in operation in various facilities around the world