Virusight Diagnostic

Artificial Intelligence, Point of Care Diagnostics, Remote Monitoring
General Health, Infection Control, Infectious Diseases
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The World’s Fastest Pathogens Diagnosis Based on Spectral Imaging Technology & AI

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Newsight Imaging, a semiconductor company with proven spectral technology, collaborated with Sheba Medical Center – one of the top 10 hospitals in the world, to develop the world’s fastest COVID-19 test. Together they launched a joint venture – Virusight Diagnostic. Virusight is an AI software company that uses Newsight’s unique spectral acquisition technology – the SpectraLITâ„¢, to diagnose pathogens in human samples (both oral rinse and swab samples).

The company has created an accurate and affordable diagnosis solution for pathogens that generates results within seconds. Using AI, the solution has the ability to improve the accuracy over time and allows quick adaptation to other pathogens and mutations using a simple firmware update. The technology was evaluated and granted the CE Mark. With over 40 pilots currently taking place around the world, and mass deployment in multiple countries, Virusight’s mission is to enable immediate testing, everywhere.