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A drug-free, patented, intimated single-use skin patch for treatment of premature ejaculation

Virility Medical Ltd. is a privately held medical device company, setting out to enhance sexual-wellbeing.
The company is backed by prominent investors and expects to gain FDA approval and CE marking by Q4 2021. The vPATCH is the first ever on-demand, single use, skin patch used to prolong intercourse.
The vPATCH and vSMART are based on innovative patented neuromodulation technology. These are wearable, flexible and discreet, drug-free and provide an immediate improvement of sexual performance while allowing the maintenance of sexual spontaneity.
The skin patch is applied to the male perineum, delivering low-intensity electrical stimulation during intercourse, thus immediately postponing ejaculation.
It is, drug free, clinicallyproven, patented device, intended for single use and discarded after use.
The advanced , vSMART, is based on digital health platform, providing the user a cybersecure app with personalized features.
The products have not yet been cleared for marketing.