Artificial Intelligence, Point of Care Diagnostics, Remote Monitoring
Cardiovascular, Primary Care, Respiratory
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Smart AI-infrasound based diagnostics solutions for physicians and patient self-assessment

Sanolla has developed the world’s first and only Smart Stethoscope and continues to reinvent medical diagnostics. Sanolla has 3 product lines with multi-vital signs sensors and AI-powered infrasound-based classifiers for cardiopulmonary conditions. The integrated AI algorithms can detect congestive heart failure, pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and others, with an accuracy level as high as 90%.
With Sanolla products patients can be easily and immediately assessed and monitored anywhere, anytime, by anyone:
· VoqX™ is a smart stethoscope to be used by medical staff.
· PyXy™ is a home-use self-assessment device that provides chest sounds and vital signs clinical assessment.
· SonoX™ is a 3D mapping device of chest sounds, highlighting abnormalities, thus enabling fast and accurate triage in medical centers and rural places.