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Infection Control, Infectious Diseases, Wound Management
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Antimicrobial protection that’s always on

Qlearon – Antimicrobial protection that always on.
Qlearon is a revolutionary nano-technology-based coating that can give virtually any surface the power to destroy bacteria instantly and continuously.
Being a game changer in the battle against antibiotic resistance, Qlearon integrated technology can transform almost any material or surface into a self-sterilizing “antimicrobial firewall” by charging it with the antimicrobial powers of nanotechnology. This “firewall” becomes active instantly and unlike other sanitizers and antimicrobial coating solutions, stays active permanently, providing safe, continuous protection that’s always on. No need to re-coat or re-apply.

The technology can be tailor-made and embedded into a wide range of industrial and consumer products, protecting the environments they are used in and making them safer and healthier; Medical Textiles, Face Masks, Protective Gowns, Bandages, Acrylic Paints, Antiseptic Creams and Medical Devices.