QinFlow (Quality in Flow)

Medical Equipment
Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care
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Blood and IV fluid warmer for the entire continuum of the emergency care

Since 2009 QinFlow has worked to develop and perfect proprietary blood and fluid warming technology (patented) that delivers unparalleled levels of warming efficiency. The company’s flagship line of products – the Warrior – is able to warm blood and fluids from nearly freezing temperatures to 38ºC within seconds, even at a high flow rate in order to help prevent hypothermia.

The Warrior’s unique properties include: unmatched performance, immediate warming, battery/AC power source, and simplicity of use. Thus, the Warrior provides front end rescue teams, first responders, critical care transport teams, and emergency care professionals within various hospital settings with high performance, reliable, simple to operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device.

In an environment where every second count, the Warrior completely eliminate the challenge of warming blood/fluids from the entire continuum of care so that emergency care professionals can focus on what they do best – saving lives.