Tilla Care

Medical Equipment
Women's Health, Wound Management, Urology, Rehabilitation, Infection Control

A non-invasive, leak-free urine collection device for women

Tilla Care, Haifa, Israel first product is a non-invasive (external) and leak-free urine collection device. The UriCap Female is targeting the female incontinence market. This unique device will dramatically improve quality of life and reduce health risks of elderly and physically disabled women. The device is for one-time use, adheres to the area around the urethra and attaches to a urine bag. It can be used in bed, sitting up and also for patients with some mobility.

Advantages of UriCap for the patient:

  • An alternative to catheters and diapers
  • Supports a full night sleep without diaper changes
  • Comfortable and keeps the skin dry, day and night
  • Prevents unpleasant odors and maintains hygiene
  • Improves quality of life

UriCap benefits compared to existing solutions:

  • Both leak-free and external
  • Made of Medical Grade Silicone
  • Takes a few moments to apply or remove
  • No glue, tape, suction or other mechanical holders involved
  • Requires little space for disposal and storage

Advantages for the caregiver:

  • Fast and easy to apply. No sterile procedure needed
  • Exchanged after 18 hours (in testing for 24 hours)
  • Less heavy lifting and improves work flow
  • Enables non-invasive monitoring of urine
  • Prevents excessive humidity, when treating burns, dermatitis and bed sores