TempraMed Israel

Medical Equipment
Diabetics, Allergy, General Health

Smart maintenance-free personal storage solutions for injectable medications

TempraMed develops manufactures and markets validated, compact & maintenance free smart products to the “last mile” of the cold supply chain of injectable medications – from the pharmacy to end of use. TempraMed launched its first product VIVI CAP1 for insulin pens, in 2018 and sales it through a network of distributors worldwide.

VIVI CAP1 is the only scientifically validated, reusable replacement cap to insulin pen that maintains the insulin in the pen at proper “use” temperatures every day, preventing insulin degradation while users carry the insulin with them. VIVI CAP1 uses unique patented combination of special insulation in with “self- regenerating” heat absorbing material and control electronics.

Due to the “self-regenerated” heat absorbing material, the device operates for years without requiring any user attention or handling. Our additional portfolio will include VIVI VIAL for drug vials, VIVI EPI for EpiPen, VIVI Box from pharmacy to start of use, and the VIVI 8c series which cools to 8°C.