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Sensible Medical – Seeing Through Walls

Sensible Medical Innovations developed a revolutionary medical device which is the only non-invasive technology exist today, a true fluid management tool.

Sensible adapted military see-through-walls technology for medical use, and created ReDS™, an easy-to-use, non-invasive system for the purpose of monitoring and management of lung fluid.

Heart Failure is a major and the costliest chronic disease in the world, and it is the leading cause for hospital readmissions worldwide.

Since 90% of Heart Failure patients are hospitalized due to shortness of breath resulting from fluid in the lungs, it is paramount to measure the lung fluid level in order to guide patient management and reduce readmissions.

The company’s ReDS technology is a miniature radar system which originated from defense see-through-wall technologies. Each measurement takes only 45 seconds, and it is being used in the hospital, clinics and home care settings. ReDS is the only technology exist today that can provide the medical staff in a non-invasive (over the clothes) diagnostic the accurate amount of fluid in the patient’s lungs.

ReDS has been widely adapted in the USA as a standard of care with 3 approved Medicare reimbursement codes. Many Cardiologists are calling our technology as the Fifth Vital Sign…