Rimoni Industries

Manufacturing Services, Tool development, Design engineering, Industrial design & development, Rapid prototyping

Rimoni provides unified solution for Industrial Design and Development of plastic parts and products for the medical industry. Taking ideas from early concept to mass production all under one roof. Our multidiscipline approach, 60 years of know-how and hands-on experience provides the best results for all your development and manufacturing needs. We create aesthetic, useful products linking technology and user needs.

From concept to mass production: Our R&D team supports multidiscipline projects from design stages all the way to finished goods and assembly. Supporting Industrial Design, Product Engendering, rapid modeling and tool manufacturing.

Technology & Product:

Mold making is a craft, and the heart of the plastic manufacturing business. While Rimoni employs advanced computerized systems and equipment, there is no substitute for human expertise. Rimoni mold makers possess the time-honed know-how to understand customer needs and translate mold design into perfect products. Great molds make great products.

Injection Molding Division: Rimoni industries provide thermoplastic injection solution at the fine end of the production spectrum. The company offers a large and flexible manufacturing capacity with over 100 injection machines from leading manufacturers with a wide range of clamping forces from 35 to 500 ton, two ISO 8 (Class 100,000) Clean injection rooms with a large assembly area and a round the clock operation – 24/7