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The leading brand in transcranial Doppler technology

Rimed is a high-tech and dynamic medical device company which was established in 1982, specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems.

Since then the company has been developing manufacturing and exporting 7 generations of non-invasive Vascular & Transcranial Doppler systems.

Our products are mainly offered to Neurology departments and Stroke units.

With over 7,000 installations worldwide, mainly in neurology departments and stroke units, Rimed has become a reputable brand name in the field of transcranial Doppler (TCD) technology.

The company now offers a new line of digital transcranial Dopplers with M-Mode as well as an integrated carotid imaging probe.

Transcranial Doppler uses a handheld-pulsed low frequency Doppler transducer that enables recording of blood flow velocities from intracranial arteries through selected cranial foramina and thin regions of the skull.

Rimed’s line of products carry all international certificates: CE, ISO 13485:2003, FDA, CFDA and more.

Rimed’s long standing expertise, knowhow and financial stability, over past 3 decades, has made it the dynamic and innovative company it has become, developing advanced diagnostic tools at the forefront of medical technology.