Patient Engagement, Remote Monitoring, IOT, AR/VR, Gamification

Transforming common rehabilitation equipment into ‘smart’ rehabilitation products

PLAYWORK Ltd. specializes in production of gamified rehabilitation products. Using gamification, we make physiotherapy a pleasant and fun experience, for kids and adults. PLAYWORKS system is designed to encourage patients in rehabilitative activity, while monitoring their performance and outcomes.

‘Smart PlayBall’ product: The company has developed an innovative product, in collaboration with the best professionals in the field of rehabilitation, a “smart” digital physiotherapy ball that allows the patient to play interactive games on a tablet while performing a variety of rehabilitative ball exercises.

The product and technology are very intuitive (based on existing and recognized accessories) and simple to use, having significant operational and financial advantages over other technologies in the field. Our goal is to make the technology accessible to patients and therapists in every setting including the patients’ home.