Noam Urim

Medical Devices, Disposable
Infection Control, Primary Care, General Health

One of the largest non-woven needle punch producers in the Middle East

We produce disposable fabrics for the hygiene and medical industry including impregnated fabrics with variety of soaped formulas used for bathing dry soaped sponges, “in line” printing capabilities, antibacterial and cosmetic applications. We also produce absorbent and orthopedics pads raw material/rolls designated for convertors in the medical industry.

Noam Urim supply private label (PL) upon requests. One of our leading PL DiniClean® bathing soft sponges specified for confined to bed patients who can be washed in their bed (1223/2009/EC).

Our R&D team works closely with our clients to define and develop the perfect fiber blend for any application. The products are packaged to choice in – mother rolls, bulk packaging or private label packaging. Noam Urim manufactures fast developed, tailor-made articles.

The company is IS0 9001:2000 certified, assuring highest standards of quality for all our products we export worldwide.

During the Medica we will be focused on the following items:

  1. DiniClean® disposable hygiene bathing dry soft soaped sponges used for bathing patients in their bed or during bathing having all in one item. Save labor cost to the hospitals and nursing homes. DiniClean® regulated under.(1223/2009/EC).
  2. Absorbent pads for different use in the medical and hygiene industry
  3. Variety of cosmetic pads
  4. Antibacterial fabrics provide permanent built-in protection against bacterial growth, mold, fungi and yeast, providing long-lasting antibacterial protection that does not wash off.