Sensors, Electronic components

Neteera enables a new generation of sensing technology

Neteera’s contact-free biometric sensor enables the monitoring and comprehension of human status by reading micron-level vibrations from the skin surface to extract four major vital-signs metrics: Heart-Rate, Respiration-Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Respiration Amplitude.

The company was established by a multidisciplinary team of hi-tech veteran in 2015 and is based in Jerusalem.

The greatest pull for Neteera’s technology comes from the healthcare and automotive industries, with major healthcare applications including telemedicine, elderly care, baby monitoring, remote patient monitoring in waiting rooms/ICUs and many others.

Uniquely, Neteera solves the greatest challenge, which is providing a broad range of accurate vital-signs in real-world, vibration-rich environments. This is enabled via Neteera’s motion-compensation algorithms which allow the detection and collection of vital-signs data without disturbance from external “noise”.

Neteera currently has more than 65 customer engagements, clinical trials are ongoing with one of the biggest US healthcare provider and FDA certification is underway.