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Integrating AI with medical visualization technology to save lives.

MobileODT helps clinicians utilize the power of AI through portable medical devices to enhance women’s health. Combining advanced imaging, data and software applications, MobileODT’s Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) System is saving lives by enabling early detection for cervical cancer. The CE-marked and FDA-cleared smart mobile colposcope is used by clinicians in over 40 countries and across more than 60 US health systems for colposcopy, general gynecology, tele-colposcopy, and forensic imaging.

As a mobile and affordable colposcope, the EVA System drastically improves accessibility to expert care by enabling remote collaboration and online medical documentation. MobileODT is integrating its Augmented Intelligence (AI) in approved markets to provide powerful clinical decision support to healthcare providers. The AI breakthrough of the Automated Visual Evaluation (AVE) algorithm announced by the US National Cancer Institute in January 2019, will enable healthcare providers to detect cervical cancer and at the point-of-care in less than one second, with a single image of the cervix taken on the EVA System, enabling a ‘screen and treat’ offering to be available worldwide.