Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Monitoring, Minimally Invasive System (MIS)
General Health, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Medicine Services (EMS)

Since its establishment in 1995, Medisim has become a leading and innovative force in developing top-class non-invasive Professional and Home Thermometry products and is known for its property know-how of core body temperature establishment.

Professional Thermometry product line include Temple Touch Pro system (TTP™) for Hospital use.

TTP™-Core Temperature Monitoring & Analysis

Core temperature monitoring & management is a vital tool in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of patient complications. Temple Touch Pro™ is an accurate, non-invasive, continuous and reliable core temperature system, which is operational during patient alertness or under any anesthesia type. Based on unique conductive heat flux technology, TTP™ offers a state of the art yet cost effective temperature monitoring solution for multiple clinical environments.

Advanced Home Thermometry

Home thermometry products offer non-invasive measurement with accuracy, speed and reliability, for ultimate comfort, used for the entire family.

Home thermometers must be accurate, quick and simple to use, especially in the case of infants. Inspired by family needs, Medisim has developed a wide variety of advanced thermometers, designed for different temperature-taking formats to ensure the user’s comfort. Medisim’s devices are easy to use, providing swift, accurate results for all family members including infants.