AR/VR, Mobile Healthcare, Patient Engagement, Monitoring
Rehabilitation, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), Neurology, Neuroscience

Realizing the full potential of physical therapy

Libra@Home is a neurorehabilitation company developing virtual reality tools for physical and occupational therapists aiming at improving the quality and delivery of care for neurological patients. Our flagship product, LibraVR, allows delivering and tracking use and performance through engaging 3D environments with exercises personalized to individual needs, resulting in improvement of patient’s quality of life and functional independence.

Yearly, millions of individuals experience oculomotor, visual/perceptual and vestibular/balance deficits resulting from natural aging processes in the elderly or neurological conditions such as stroke, acquired brain injury or neurodegeneration such as in Parkinson’s disease.

LibraVR is a fully immersive VR tool for physical therapists to improve the delivery and quality of treatment for patients with neurological disorders, both in the clinic and at home.

LibraVR Clinic consists of a software manager which integrates with a VR headset, a computer and an optional force platform. Therapists evaluate patients, design and train a program in the clinic.

LibraVR Mobile is a portable virtual reality system to allow patients to practice by themselves or with minimal supervision maximizing the amount of therapy. Exercises are downloaded via the LibraVR Mobile app and therapy can continue at home or a hospital room, using a portable VR system.