Inovytec Medical Solutions

Medical Equipment
Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), Cardiovascular, Respiratory

The power to save lives

Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. (“Inovytec”) is an innovative medical device company, developing and marketing cutting-edge, first-line emergency medical solutions for use by first responders and healthcare providers anywhere and anytime. Inovytec’s innovative products are designed to dramatically increase the survivability chances of medical emergency victims, where the first treatment is crucial.

Our devices:

The Lubo™ (Airway & Immobilization) is the only non-invasive device that can safely open the Airway by imitating the Jaw-thrust maneuver for a long time, while immobilizing the cervical spine in trauma patients.

The SALI™ (Cardiac & Respiratory) is a new-breed solution for medical emergencies, empowering community healthcare and significantly increasing the effectiveness of the medical treatment. SALI is a full critical-aid solution that provides treatment, real-time monitoring and communication to a local Emergency Dispatch, creating a continuum of treatment from the point of care to the patient admission at the Emergency Department.

The Ventway Sparrow™ (Respiratory) is a transport and emergency turbine ventilator. The unique combination of high-performance ventilation and light weight (1kg) makes the Ventway the perfect solution for any transport or emergency scenario where efficient and quick ventilation is required in Hospitals transport, Emergency Services and Military.