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Leading the digital transformation of prenatal care

HeraMED is a technology startup developing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use, partnering with leading medical organizations including Mayo Clinic and Teva. HeraMED has 3 defined business models:

Medical devices – HeraBEAT

HeraBEAT is a medically accurate, CE certified, scientifically optimized, smartphone-based fetal heartbeat monitor for home use. We challenged the weaknesses of the old generation home dopplers and resolved them with the technology implemented in HeraBEAT:

  • Very wide and hyper sensitive ultra-sound beam.
  • Smart phone APP provides step-by-step guided search
  • Cross talk elimination maternal / fetal heart rate.

SaaS platforms – HeraCARE (R&D phase)

HeraCARE is a data driven home care pregnancy management platform:

  • Allowing the HeraBEAT and other sensor data to be integrated with electronic medical records.
  • Enabling remote pregnancy care.

AI capabilities – OrionAI (R&D phase).

Orion AI is a Machine learning analysis for pregnancy monitoring.

  • Being developed in collaboration with esteemed US medical organization, the Mayo Clinic.
  • Technology harnesses big data to analyze and evaluate thousands of record in real time, allowing for unprecedented accuracy.
  • OrionAI has the potential to detect pregnancy complications before they become a problem, having a dramatic impact on the lives of expecting mothers.