Etgar Medical Instruments

Product design & development, Biomedical machined parts, Machining, Turning, Dental products

Machining of High Precision Small & Miniature Parts

ETGAR is a specialized manufacturing company located in Northern Israel. Founded in 1991, we provide a vast range of clients in the medical and aerospace industries with fast-cost-effective solutions to manufacture technically difficult small and miniature ultra-high precision medical parts. Our core areas of expertise include turning, milling, and grinding.

We also provide R&D solutions for Medical start-up companies, from initial Engineering & Drawing (model) to prototype development & mass production.

ETGAR provides our customers with the advantages guaranteed through a combination of various services under one roof at competitive prices and shortened supply times, while meticulously preserving the highest quality levels.

Our design and manufacturing expertise is based on extensive know-how accumulated from years of experience, which is translated into superb product.

ETGAR has accompanied many Medical Start-up companies and assisted in the development from initial manufacturing drawings and prototype production up to serial manufacture of a completed product.

ETGAR Adheres to the highest international quality manufacturing standards.

ETGAR is ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certified (we also have FDA approval for our Dental Implants and Prosthetic line)

ETGAR also has a Class 10,000 Clean Room, a LK-CMM XYZ measurement machine, 0.002mm and a Werth Video-Check-IP 3D CNC within its facility.