Eitan Group

Drug Delivery, Disposables, Medical equipment
General Health, Oncology, Prenatal, Primary Care

A global leader in advanced infusion therapy solutions

Eitan Group, A privately owned company, is reinventing the drug delivery process across the continuum of care with connected, software-based solutions from the hospital to the home. Building new levels of interconnectivity for infusion systems, and integrating innovation with wearables drug delivery platforms, the Company is creating user-friendly, patient-centric, state of the art, solutions to meet the evolving drug delivery needs.

The corporate mission is to simplify drug delivery for all stakeholders, applying infusion and innovation expertise to improve outcomes and reduce costs across the continuum of care. Collaborative partnerships with key global pharmaceutical and medical device companies play a significate roll in realizing that mission.

Eitan Group initially entered the infusion market in 2009, and a decade later, with over 18 million liters of infusions completed, it now consists of three affiliate companies: Q Core Medical, Sorrel Medical and Avoset Health.