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Regenerative Medicine Company developing tissue repair products

CollPlant (NASDAQ:CLGN) is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing and commercializing BioInks for 3D bioprinting, products for medical aesthetics and tissue repair products for orthobiologics and advanced wound care.

CollPlant’s technology is the only commercially viable technology currently available to produce true Type I recombinant human collagen (rhCollagen). CollPlant’s proprietary technology includes the introduction into tobacco plants, of 5 human genes that are essential for the synthesis of Type I collagen. The tobacco plant then proceeds to yield human collagen that is superior to the collagen(s) currently in the market, sourced from animals, or even human cadavers. rhCollagen is identical to natural human collagen, therefore it does not elicit an immune response in humans. Its plant origin yields a safe product with more consistent properties, making it an ideal building block/scaffolding molecule for regenerative medicine.

CollPlant’s unique Vergenix™ line of rhCollagen products includes Vergenix™ FG Flowable Gel (Vergenix™ FG), an advanced wound filler. Vergenix™FG is a CE approved advanced wound filler comprised of rhCollagen, indicated for chronic and acute wounds. With only a single application required, Vergenix™ FG provides a 3-dimensional scaffold for cellular proliferation, optimizing wound healing. Its ease of use, high performance and improved safety make it a promising tool for treatment of hard-to-heal wounds.