Medical Equipment, Disposables
Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), Primary Care

Cassit designs and produces transparent Splints that assist in preventing pressure sores while fixing a fractured or disabled limb. This is the first complete solution which solves all the problems that the medical world finds in Casts and Splints. Each Splint is cost-effective, durable and user-friendly. Cassit Splint is easy to customize in only 3 minutes everywhere, even without electricity nor special equipment.


  • 125M people globally with upper body disabilities.
  • 4% of the global population suffers from Wrist injuries every year.
  • 73 Million people with fractures and sprains in wrist, forearm, finger and elbow every year.



Cassit combines mass production technologies of unique thermoplastics with customizable solutions, a combination that allows the products to be of premium-quality, durable and cost-effective.

→ The most common products are now available to order in various sizes.

Coming soon!

Cassit is now developing more splint types. In addition, Cassit currently developing electronics that will be placed near the splints and will enable monitoring the rehabilitation process.