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The Doorway to Advanced Cardiac Treatments

ViaOneTM by CardioVia, is the first medical device to ensure pericardial access confidently and safely avoiding complications and ensuring procedure success: First, it increases the physician’s confidence during the procedures and secondly, it provides safety and assurance to the patient.

Our simple, yet advanced technology ensures no needle is exposed to the heart at any time. These issues are not being addressed by the current procedure technique that uses a sharp dangerous needle which in up to ~30% of the cases punctures the heart and creates complications.

ViaOneTM enables the physician to perform advanced cardiac treatments on the outer surface of the heart, which has been recognized as a promising entry route for the treatment of most prevalent cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac tamponade; cardiac mapping & ablation and epicardial left atrial appendage closure.

CardioVia established a complete operating system in pre-clinical studies and is in the process of receiving regulatory approvals from the FDA and the CE Mark. Additionally, this project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 868213.

CardioVia’s team is diverse and comprises leading physicians from various Medical Centers around the world including highly experienced board members.