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Early Digital Detection – New dimension into ECG analysis

BSP Medical is a ground-breaking digital health-tech company that developed the HyperQ technology, a suite of electrocardiogram, ECG, algorithms implemented in software, revolutionizing digital early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac disease.

HyperQ demonstrated to have a unique predictive value for Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE). HyperQ earlier detects acute coronary artery disease on any resting ECG system. Provides a new perspective to the clinical staff, including diagnosis of Non-ST Elevation MI (NSTEMI) and Unstable Angina (UA).

HyperQ™ is a proprietary and patented technology. It analyses the high-frequency QRS depolarization segment of the cardiac cycle, whereas conventional ECG analysis of the ST segment is related to the repolarization phase of the cycle. HyperQ™ provides superior clinical accuracy to any other non-invasive solution currently available.

HyperQ analyses ECG data and issues a clinical report. It can be installed on the cloud, as a stand-alone module on a PC or be integrated in an ECG system.

Meeting the major challenges of the healthcare digital era, BSP Medical provides in-depth and unique clinical value, bringing a new dimension into ECG clinical diagnosis and monitoring. HyperQ creates a Product Platform for any clinical medical grade venue and to the emerging wellness market. HyperQ marks a revolution in cardiac decision making.