Decision Support Systems, Mobile Healthcare, Monitoring, Personal Health Assistant
General Health, Primary Care, Rehabilitation, Respiratory

Video-based, AI-powered Vital Signs Monitoring offers ready-to-use, AI-Powered Digital Healthcare applications based on video-only vital signs measurement. Its unique technological mix of Signal Processing and AI transforms any camera-equipped device (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.) into a monitoring solution, removing the need for wearables.’s heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) detection offers the basis for a wide range of medical-grade accurate body measurements such as: blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation mental stress level, blood alcohol level and more.’s solution, Binah.NOW, serves as a CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) and helps healthcare providers to enhance medical services such as telemedecine, preventive medicine, queue management, remote and on-premise monitoring, virtual trials, post-surgery or post-hospitalization monitoring and more. It frees the medical staff from administrative, repetitive work and allows them to spend more quality time with patients.

The heart rate estimation algorithm creates a photoplethysmography (PPG) signal using a live video feed and a unique, superior methodology. Binah.NOW’s stress level measurement is based on Baevsky’s and US/European Index level measurements (globally approved).

Each use case relies on medically peer reviewed research, based on the ability to retrieve continuous, accurate heart rate (HR) measurements using video feeds in real time.
Extremely easy to integrate, Binah.NOW is available as an SDK or end-to-end white label application.