Disease Management, Air, Surface and Object Purification
Infection Control, Allergy, Infectious Diseases, General Health

The world’s first Air, Surface and object purifier

betterair’s ecological balancing systems are designed to disperse billions of organically cultured strains of environmental probiotics (Enviro-Biotics®) into the air that settle everywhere creating a protective layer of beneficial microscopic flora, forming a natural “Inhibition zone” where allergen and illness causing pathogens cannot survive

betterair represents the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of natural Enviro-Biotics®.

Our systems help turn your home and office into a hypoallergenic safe zone free from organic irritants.

By utilizing our technology, some of the benefits you will experience are: a dramatic reduction of allergens in your indoor environment, Elimination of bad odors generated by pathogenic bacteria, and mold activity, An overall decrease in harmful pathogen survival, and the rrestoration of fresh air without harmful chemicals. All this with a unique system designed to bring back well being into your indoor environment.