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General Health, Infection Control
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Argaman develops and manufactures multi-performance textiles for health, hygiene and safety.

Argaman Technologies Ltd. is Jerusalem-based, ISO 9001 certified. Our patented platform technologies and compounds for both cotton and polymer textiles; harness the power of accelerated copper to protect against viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. Argaman’s technologies are designed to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. Imagine every hospital textile as having built-in infection control.

Our ProActive Solutions:
BioBlocX™ Face Masks: Dual protection; nano fiber viral filtration with continuous antimicrobial barrier layers.

Disposable Lab Coats & Wearables: Covid-19 demands more than a single-use disposable garment: Our BioBlocX™ antimicrobial non-woven provides the wearer with a powerful germ protective force field.

Films & Barrier Sleeves: BioBlocX™ pr

otective digital screen technology permanently keeps screens free of pathogens. A healthier medical device, equates to a healthier environment.

Uniform/Bedding Fabrics & Towels: CottonX™ technology deli


vers high antimicrobial efficacy in quality poly-cotton blends with lasting performance for the life of the textile with no chemical binders.