VRHealth Group

Medical Devices, Healthcare IT
Diagnostics & Monitoring, Training
Therapeutic Area(s):
Rehabilitation, General Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

The First Certified VR/AR Medical Applications Company in the World

Healthcare today faces multiple challenges, from lack of access to poor compliance, from high costs to remote monitoring challenges. All these can be answered with VR/AR solutions, providing tools for quantification, remote monitoring, gamification, engagement and much more. VRHealth is bringing these VR/AR solutions to the market, developing FDA Registered medical application, for use both at the clinic and at home, in a wide range of medical disciplines, including pain management, physical and motor-cognitive rehabilitation, balance disorders as well as wellness applications for preventative care and wellbeing.

To date VRHealth has 5 FDA Registered medical applications in the market and 8 more applications in various Beta stages, releasing new applications to the market on a monthly basis. Partnering with the biggest VR/AR companies in the market, our applications are compatible with the most advanced technology to date, harnessing AR/VR capabilities to the most urging healthcare needs.

On April 2018 VRHealth has partnered with AARP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the 50+ population, to develop a “VRHealth App Store” for AARP’s 38 million members.

In Addition, we have finalized paramount agreements with several of the biggest health organizations in the US and we are launching our VRHealth™ Platform 2.0 this coming holiday season. In order to support these projects, we decided to raise a quick funding round.

Now is the time to join VRHealth and Redefine Therapy!