Therapeutic Area(s):
General Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenues



Company at a Glance

VITALERTER has developed an innovative monitoring platform based on smart IoT sensors capable to predict and alert carers before any patient health deterioration and clinical events.

VITALERTER predictive engine empowers nursing home, hospitals and assisted living professionals to improve patient safety and quality care, to reduce dramatically the number of critical events and hospitalizations and consequently allows huge cost savings to public health organizations, insurance companies and families.


Technology & Product(s)

VITALERTER is a non-contact biosensor monitoring platform for long term care and telemedicine. Placed under a mattress or a wheel chair the system uses sophisticate



Objectives: To find well established local distribution partners that work with hospitals and long-term care facilities, Strategic partners such as EMR, Nurse call systems and Medical Beds manufacturers for integrating and implementing our technology
Target businesses: Medical device companies.
Target Countries: Europe, APAC, USA.