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VITALERTER has developed an innovative patient monitoring platform based on a smart IoT bed sensor capable to predict and alert carers before any patient health deterioration and clinical events.
VITALERTER predictive engine empowers nursing home, hospitals and assisted living professionals to improve patient safety and quality care, to reduce dramatically the number of critical events and hospitalizations and consequently allows huge cost savings to public health organizations, insurance companies and families.

VITALERTER is a non-contact biosensor monitoring platform for long term care and telemedicine. Placed under a mattress or a wheel chair the system uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately monitor vital signs and movements.  Therefore, helping long term care facilities enhance patient care and wellness while optimizing operational efficiencies.  Vital signs (i.e. heart rate, HRV and respiratory rate) can be continuously monitored providing early warning of acute clinical events as well as overall health deterioration, infections, anxiety, sleep quality and depression.  The system also tracks body motion precluding falls and assists in preventing and managing pressure ulcers and the onset of epileptic episodes with no movement limitation on the patient.  Its unique self-calibrating technology uses customized thresholds providing alerts and warning signs optimized per patient.  The outcome is diminished false alarm rates, less ICU transfers, better health care and cost reduction. A centralized monitoring management platform and dedicated mobile devices minimize the shift overhead workload and encourage shorter response times. Consequently, enhancing patient care and internal efficiencies.

At Medica 2018, Vitalerter will introduced a new smart bio-patch aiming to monitor continuously patients during a few days after getting out of ICUs or when returning at home after surgery. It measures core body temperature, SPo2, HR and inform on current body posture and localization (in case of elopement).After acquiring the sensor, Vitalerter is sold as a service (SaaS). Vitalerter is already operated in various facilities around the world