Virtual Ports

Minimally Invasive System (MIS), Medical Equipment
Gastrointestinal, Gynecology, Obesity, Urology

Laparoscopic Solutions for Organ Retraction

Virtual Ports designs and manufactures dedicated products capable of using existing ports to retract organs wholly within the body cavity. Virtual Ports’ solutions optimize tissue access and visualization by allowing surgeons to atraumatically retract the organ obstructing the surgical field of view through lifting and anchoring it to the intra-abdominal wall. This is in contrast to conventional laparoscopic surgery, which requires the use of dedicated ports, incisions and auxiliary personnel solely for organ retraction.

The Company has developed a family of proprietary, high margin surgical retraction devices targeted at laparoscopic surgical procedures, including bariatric, cholecystectomy, and colon resection. The Virtual Ports product family uses a common applier platform, providing a consistent surgeon user experience across proprietary devices.

  • EndoGrab™ Port-Free Endocavity Retractor enables surgeons to reduce the number of ports (trocars), incisions and personnel needed during laparoscopic procedures
  • EndoLift™ Port-Free Endocavity Retractor especially designed to provide retraction of larger soft tissue structures, such as the liver and uterus, from within the body cavity, eliminating 1-2 ports (trocars)
  • EndoClear™ Endocavity Cleaning Station enables cleaning of the camera lens without removing the endoscope from the cavity