Therapeutic Area(s):
Peripheral Vascular, Neurology and Degenerative Disease, Neuroscience
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Viasonix is an international leader in providing high-end vascular diagnosis systems. Viasonix 2 main product families include the Falcon product line for peripheral vascular diagnosis (PVD), and the Dolphin product line for advanced Transcranial Doppler (TCD) measurements. Our Falcon product family is already successfully distributed internationally in 5 continents, while the Dolphin is commercialized this year. Viasonix is ISO 13485 approved, and the Falcon products are cleared for sale by the FDA, CE, Canada Health, TGA, AMAR, TFDA,
CFDA, KFDA, and many other national regulatory agencies. Viasonix management is extremely experienced and dedicated, and over the past 2 decades has led many products into success in the marketplace.

Technology & Product(s)

Viasonix leading product line includes the Falcon peripheral vascular product family, including: Falcon/Pro, Falcon/Quad and Falcon/ABI+. The Falcon product line is based on the most advanced peripheral vascular diagnosis technology, for diagnosing peripheral vascular diseases. The Falcon was designed by Viasonix application and development teams keeping day-to-day practice in mind – it is extremely simple to operate, allows complete standard diagnosis protocols, shortens examination time and has an extremely friendly user interface, yet it supports numerous new unique features.; Falcon/Pro is the powerful high-end device, with unmatched capabilities. It is based on Viasonix’s IPU technology, which allows simultaneous support and endless flexibility of 10 pressure channels. In addition, it is the only system offering 10 MHz Doppler support (in addition to standard frequencies) and 5 PPG sensors (for complete and fast Raynaud’s diagnosis). The
Falcon/Quad and the Falcon/ ABI+ systems are designed for lower budgets or office operation, yet providing the user with the full range of features that are offered by the advanced Falcon/Pro. The main difference is that these 2 systems support 4 pressure channels. All products support network connectivity, including DICOM, HL7, GDT, and SQL server support.; The Dolphin TCD family is the new product line commercialized this year. The Dolphin product line includes the Dolphin/IQ which is a module that connects to a PC, and the Dolphin/4D system which is a stand-alone system with integrated computer and touch-screen display.
Based on the vast experience of its developers, who developed in the past the world leading Sonara TCD systems, the Dolphin is the most advanced TCD device in the market. It includes all of the standard known features, as well as support for intraoperative Doppler measurements, analog or digital input/output of external channels, advanced emboli detection, and much more.; Viasonix products are regulatory approved in many countries, including FDA (USA), CE (Europe), Canada Health, CFDA (China), TFDA (Taiwan), KFDA (South Korea), AMAR (Israel), TGA (Australia) and many more approvals.


Objectives: Viasonix is an international leader in vascular diagnosis, and we aim at increasing our international market share and international distribution network of partners, as well as generate intl. distribution network of partners for the Dolphin TCD systems.
Target businesses: The Falcon product family is primarily designed for Vascular and Vascular Surgery Departments in hospitals, vascular laboratories and private clinics. The Dolphin TCD is primarily designed for Neurology and Neuro-surgery departments.
Target Countries: Viasonix is currently already selling in numerous countries which are listed in our website, and we plan to increase our international distribution network to additional countries without an active Falcon or Dolphin distributor.