Via Surgical, Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
General Surgery, Obesity
Company Status:
Regulatory Approval

Company at a Glance

Via Surgical Ltd. provides next-generation fixation technology for hernia repair. Realizing that many hernia repairs make use of multiple means for mesh fixation — anchor/helical hernia tacks, manually applied transfascial sutures — Via Surgical has developed a revolutionary fixation technology, FasTouch™ fixation system that provides deployable transfascial suture fixation that is strong and consistent, yet easily and rapidly deployed.

FasTouch, with its lightweight deployable sutures, provides a comprehensive fixation solution for hernia repair. The fixation strength of the sutures stems from the closed locked-loop (CLL) suture concept. The minimal amount of material in the sutures may reduce foreign body response and chronic pain.

Via Surgical was founded in 2012 by Lena and Ofek Levin and Arik Levy, an experienced team that is dedicated to improving and enhancing hernia repair. This same team previously founded and led PolyTouch Medical, developers of an advanced mesh-positioning device for greater accuracy and shorter procedure time.

Technology & Product(s)

Via Surgical has developed FasTouch™, a revolutionary fixation technology for surgeons use in hernia repair, one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide. Surgical mesh is affixed over the hernia defect as a bridge. Proper fixation of the mesh is crucial for a successful hernia repair and fixation failure may result in one or more of the following: hernia recurrence, chronic pain, infection and various other complications.

To date, there is no comprehensive mesh fixation solution available and mesh fixation is commonly achieved by applying multiple fixation means: screw-like or anchor-like hernia tacks and in addition, manually applied trans- fascial sutures. The use of these multiple means is associated with significant OR time, elevated post OP pain and complications.

FasTouch’s proprietary design, for the first time, provides physicians a bridge between traditional suturing and stapling or tacking techniques: combining, in one novel solution, the high efficacy associated with suturing and the ease of use and rapidness of tacking devices. FasTouch provides a comprehensive fixation solution in order to increase confidence in eliminating the need to manually suture surgical mesh, cut OR time and improve clinical outcomes due to less pain and infection incidents mostly associated with manual trans-fascial sutures and related skin incisions.

The Via Surgical FasTouch fixation system is a disposable, single-use system designed to deliver fixation suture through and around tissue and the prosthesis during general surgery procedures such as hernia repair. With minimized foreign body material and increased strength, FasTouch’s proprietary designed sutures are delivered as tacks and form a closed “locked” loop (CLL) within soft tissue providing superior fixation that is also easy to use and rapidly applied. The FasTouch fixation system, (pictured below), is designed to be used in either open or laparoscopic hernia repair and can be inserted through a 5mm or larger laparoscopic port sleeve.


Objectives: Pre-commercialization of a surgical implant, finding distribution partners.
Target businesses: Hospitals, Distributors and Health Insurance.
Target Countries: EU, UK, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.