VG-Test™ from 3QBD Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Gynecology, Infectious Diseases, Urology, Veterinary
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

We found a need for POC (Point Of Care) to be equipped with a device to supply an immediate and accurate test results without any need of neither expertise/special skill nor special requirements.
3QBD Ltd, Founded by Dr. Avraham Lorber (the late) and Dr. Zeev Karpas who are senior researchers in analytical chemistry in Israel.
The company focuses on the detection and measurement of biogenic amines and other volatile compounds in biological tissues and fluids, as biomarkers (Proved by many academic researchers) for medical diagnosing tool, using Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS).
The company product is called “VG-Test™” and its facilities are located in Arad Israel.
The VG-Test product is targeted for Women’s Health professionals (both Point of Care and labs): gynecologists, obstetricians, hospitals and women’s health clinics.
Business Model: The ultimate business model is “Pay for Use”, namely the device will be purchased at cost price by Distributor, and the revenue flow will be from the consumable kits’ selling.

Technology & Product(s)

We have developed a breakthrough molecular technology platform for bio- medical diagnostic by employing the IMS technology and the Bio-genic amines as the media for diagnosing of infections or other diseases.
Our first application launched to the market is VGTest which diagnoses 3 high prevalence infection diseases in Vaginal Flora. Bio-genic amines are the finger prints of necrosis process due to infections caused by different micro-organism in vaginal flora.
VG-Test, detects simultaneously and instantly all main vaginal infections, such as BV, AV, Trichomoniasis, Candidiasis, in a 90 seconds test.
The main Benefits: Accurate diagnosis at Point of Care, proper treatment at the moment of diagnosing, Cost effective, health system time saving and no more unnecessary antibiotic use.
Physician shall take a sample by an offered Swab from the vagina discharge, add one drop of reagent, and insert it to the device, and after 90 seconds get the results on the screen. Physician can print the result with offered treatment. The printed result shows what kind of disease/s and their severity.


Objectives: Distribution / Business partner.
Target businesses: Distribution / Business partner.
Target Countries: West Europe, North America, Japan, S. Africa, Latin America, Australia.