Upright Technologies Ltd.

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Clinical Trials , Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

Upright Technologies Ltd. is a biofeedback consumer electronic company, incorporated in 2014, that has launched its first product, the UPRIGHT Trainer, in Dec. 2015 with a goal of solving one of the main epidemics of the modern era, Poor posture and back-pain.
Poor posture is the #1 cause for back pain which is the #1 cause for disability in the world, and loss of work days (150M in US alone). Over 80% of population will suffer from it and it accounts for over $100B in the US alone.
There is a huge opportunity for a solution that can intervene with and prevent Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP) and lead the category of solutions that will help users worldwide get back upright.

Technology & Product

The UPRIGHT Trainer is a wearable device that trains your posture and strengthen your core muscles. It attaches to your back using a medical grade 3M adhesive and gently vibrates every time you slouch, reminding you to get back upright.
The UPRIGHT connects to an app that provides a personalized training program to guide you through your training progress, gives you real-time feedback, and serves as your personal posture trainer. The app also lets you control sensitivity and level of intensity of your training.
Unlike many of the solutions today (back braces and straps) using The UPRIGHT Trainer strengthens your core muscles instead of weakening them.
In addition, because of the immediate feedback given by the device, your brain and muscle memory are also trained to stay upright. Meaning you only need to wear the device and train for short periods of time and not all the time.
At a category of its own, the UPRIGHT device is the only technological solution for correcting your posture that is recommended by physicians today.
With over 8000 devices already sold worldwide at a constant growing rate, The UPRIGHT trainer is collecting countless success stories of back pain relief for its users.


Objectives: Raising our A round. Finding new business partners worldwide. Meet key partners. Expand business. Sell product in large quantities.
Target businesses: Distributors, Retailers, Business Partnerships
Target Countries: US,UK, France, Spain, Germany, China, S. Korea, Japan