TempraMed Israel

Medical Devices
Medical Equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Diabetics, Allergy, General Health
Company Status:
Initial revenues

TempraMed develops manufactures and markets VIVI cooling products – smart, small and hassle- free products intended to keep sensitive injectable medications like insulin at the proper temperature as well as wirelessly reporting medication use.

Our first product, VIVI CAP1 (FDA and CE registered) is a reusable replacement cap to insulin pen that maintains the insulin cartridge at proper “use” temperatures every day, without requiring any care from the user. The device uses unique insulation in combination with heat absorbing material and control electronics. The battery is used just for the control electronics with enough capacity for years of operation. Due to the “self-regeneration” of the heat absorbing material there is no need to recharge a battery, place the device in refrigerator or mess with water evaporative devices any more. Following successful launch last year of our first product, we continue to expand our portfolio to include, VIVI VIAL for drug vials, VIVI EPI for EpiPen and the VIVI 8c series which cools to 8°C.

Our future products will include wireless reporting of drug use. Our products are sold by distributors worldwide selling them to retail pharmacies as well as online and through Amazon, under our brand as well as privet label.