TechCare Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Infection control, Pediatrics, Cosmetics
Company Status:
Regulatory Approval

Company at a Glance

TechCare is engaged in the development, commercialization and marketing of revolutionary treatment methods which enable the elimination of household pests.
Its first revolutionary product is the NEAT, a proprietary solution which enables the rapid, natural and effective elimination of head lice and nits, while providing a highly accessible, cost-effective product. This product works on dry technology and removes lice and eggs simultaneously without any painful combing and time taking and inefficient shampooing.
TechCare plans to launch more products in near future like device for eradication of bugs, fleas and other parasites from linen and clothes, Beauty device and improved NEAT 2.0.

Technology & Product(s)

TechCare uses dry technology for the treatment of hair lice and nit’s infestation and developed its initial product NEAT, which works on the principle of Venturi effect having acetic acid evaporation (vinegar fumes) in a sealed environment which damages the respiratory system of the lice and their eggs. It is an effective solution for the problem of hair lice and nit’s infestation.
NEAT works on dry technology and removes hair lice & nits simultaneously without any painful combing and outdated shampooing methods. Neat is a preventive treatment which provides quick results. It is 100% natural and safe for human health with no added chemicals. It is cost effective and the only product of its kind in market.
TechCare gives great importance to high quality team spear heading the innovation and development of new products. We have highly qualified and well-experienced management team.


Objectives: Exposing the products and finding local distributors.
Target businesses: Distributors, Drugstores a and Pharmacies buyers.
Target Countries: All European countries.