Therapeutic Area(s):
Dermatology & Aesthetics, Gastrointestinal, Infection Control, Wound Management
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

TavTech is an Israeli privately held company, world leader of Jet Technology.

TavTech’s pioneering, patented technology is based on aviation and space science principles and used for medical applications.

Technology & Product(s)

TavTech focuses on three main applications:

  1. Skin rejuvenation and other treatments using transdermal delivery of saline and other agents. For this application, the JetPeelTM family devices are used. The JetPeel family devices create a unique two-phase jet of micro-droplets consisting of saline solution and gas (air or medical gas) that is accelerated up to 200 m/sec. The jet stream gently and painlessly touches the treated skin to allow for versatile skin treatments and painlessly transdermal delivery of moisture and agents.,
  2. Burns and wound management. For this application, the JetoxTM family devices are used. The JetoxTM family devices painlessly perform cleansing and debridement for burns and other types of wounds, with no mess and at patient’s bed side;
  3. Colonoscopy. For this application, the Medjet device is used. This is a CO2 based device allowing for excellent visualization during colonoscopy.



TavTech will remain the world leader in Jet technology in the aesthetic medicine, burns and wounds, and colonoscopy markets.

TavTech’s network of distributors is active and well established. TavTech now aims to expend its distribution circles to reach new markets for all products families and to develop co-developments with synergetic technologies.
Target businesses: Potential distributors: Clinics, Beauty/cosmetic chains
Target Countries:
Wound management – Japan, Germany, Eastern Europe
Aesthetic – US, Latin America, Japan, S.Korea
Colonoscopy (endoscopy) – World wide