Therapeutic Area(s): Company Status:
Dermatology & Aesthetics, Gastrointestinal,
Infection Control
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

TavTech pioneering Jetechnolgy for endless applications is based on aviation and space science principles.
Device takes water or agent, accelerates it using pressurized air to subsonic velocities. With a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the  ccelerated liquid into micro-droplets. The jet-stream gently and painlessly touches the treated skin or tissue to desired effect. Jetpeel3V / Medical, MyJet and Jetpeel Mini / Aesthetic are suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverse range of aesthetic specializations. These devices are effectively delivering solutions trans dermally without using needles, without pain or discomfort. Jetechnolgy has also interesting roll in wound management (Jetox – cleansing & debridement) and in Colonoscopy (Medjet – allowing prefect visualization).

Technology & Product(s)

Jet aviation engineering is being used by TavTech to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding aesthetic and skin care markets. TavTech’s patented technology creates a unique two-phase jet of micro-droplets consisting of saline solution and gas (air or medical gas) that is accelerated to velocities that reach 200m/sec., providing a versatile and precise means for performing a wide variety of skin treatments.


Objectives: TavTech will remain the world leader in Jet technology for aesthetic applications and skin conditions for the benefit of those individuals seeking for healthier and desired physical appearance.
TavTech will continue to stay at the forefront of the aesthetic market by applying its technology platform to the development of devices and methods that are uniquely effective, reliable, and profitable, and will make them a popular tool of choice, benefiting both the patient and the treatment professional.
Target businesses: Potential distributors: Clinics, Beauty/cosmetic chains.
Target Countries:
Wound management – Japan, India.
Aesthetic – US, Canada, Latin America, Japan.
Colonoscopy (endoscopy) – World wide.