Synergo by Medical Enterprises Group

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Medical Equipment, MIS - Minimally Invasive System, Drug delivery, Drug Targeting
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Urology, Oncology
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Revenue Growth
Medical Enterprises Group’s lead product, Synergo® RITE (Radiofrequency-Induced ThermoChemotherapeutic Effect) offers the clinically effective, safe and easy way to deliver the tri-modality local, non-ionizing Radiofrequency radiation, cooled chemotherapy and deep tissue hyperthermia. It is a minimally invasive technology used for the treatment of intermediate and high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. The user-friendly software monitors and records parameters during treatments.

Synergo® treatment is local and performed on an outpatient basis and is given routinely to patients in leading medical centers worldwide. CE certified since 2001, it has been included in the European Urological Guidelines as the ONLY proven device to treat non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and is now in the process of obtaining approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A disposable, triple-lumen, silicone, Foley catheter is used for the drug intravesical instillation. It is equipped with a miniaturized antenna that radiates the bladder walls, causing phenotypical changes selectively in cancerous cells, creating membrane micro-poring and metabolic changes in these cells to increase the uptake of the drug. It also enhances drug mobility and diffusion and generates heat at the target tissue at the desired, controlled temperature (hyperthermia) – a synergistic protagonist. Five thermocouples incorporated inside the catheter monitor bladder wall and urethral temperatures in real time during treatment.

Over 50 published articles and clinical trials have been conducted since 1995 proving its safety and efficacy. The treatment reduces recurrences and need for repetitive surgical interventions, as well as the need for bladder removal, radiotherapy and/or expensive systemic treatments.