Sight Diagnostics

Medical Devices
Diagnostic & Monitoring
Therapeutic Area(s):
Hematology, Infectious Diseases
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Founded in 2010, Sight Diagnostics brings affordable, scalable, and accurate blood analysis to the point of care, thereby improving healthcare for all.

Sight developed a cost-effective blood diagnostic system using machine learning and digital fluorescent microscopy to automatically detect abnormalities in a patient’s blood. The system was first used for malaria detection and, to date, more than 500,000 of Sight’s malaria tests have been performed in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. The company also has patented a new method for preparing blood smears with greatly improved accuracy over previous methods.

In 2018, Sight expanded its portfolio with the introduction of OLO, the first-ever 5-differential point-of-care Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzer, which promises to bring immediate, lab-quality results into the physician’s office. OLO achieved the CE mark in Europe in 2018.

Sight is led by some of the brightest minds and most accomplished professionals in healthcare, machine learning, and blood diagnostics. A majority of Sight’s initial engineering team hailed from Mobileye, an automotive computer vision company acquired by Intel for $15.3 billion.