Shekel Scales

Medical Devices
Diagnostic & Monitoring, Medical Equipment, Telemedicine, Hospital
Therapeutic Area(s):
General Health; Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Neonatal
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Shekel Scales Ltd., established in 1976, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electronic scales, advanced weighing systems, and force measurement applications. Since its inception, Shekel has grown steadily to establish its position as a significant innovation leader in the market. Shekel’s outstanding combination of sophisticated software and core weighing engineering technology enables the company to offer creative solutions for a wide range of OEM weighing needs. Shekel implements strict quality control management to ensure the highest standards of its products.

Shekel’s Healthweigh® line is a top tier line of uniquely designed digital electronic professional medical scales. The Healthweigh® products yield very high precision results, and are designed to be user friendly. Shekel’s systems were one of the first in the world to be integrated into warmers and incubators used to sustain premature babies.

Healthweigh® Physician Scales provide a reliable weighing system for medical centers, clinics, hospitals, fitness centers and the home.

Healthweigh® Special Needs scales respond to the needs of diverse medical sectors. This range is extremely user oriented, comfortable, easy to use and operate and most importantly – perfectly safe.

Healthweigh® Neonatal Scales are ergonomically designed for the newborn and growing baby.

All scales connect to EHR systems so weighing information can be communicated to the patient’s medical records. Advanced movement compensation technology eliminates involuntary movement made during the weighing process and ensures exact weighing information.

All scales are OIML approved. Shekel is CE certified according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.