Rimoni-ind Ltd.

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Mould tool-making, Insert moulding, Multicavity moulding, Precision moulding, Clean-room moulding, Injection moulding, Injection moulds, Thermoplastic moulding, Tool development, Tooling. Implant packaging, Plastics packaging, high-barrier, Caps, moulded plastic. Prototyping.

Company at a Glance

Rimoni Industries, publicly traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange, specializes in manufacturing injection molds and in precise injection-molding for the medical, automotive, electronics and agricultural industries. Rimoni Industries is based on the idea of synergy: combining mold making craftsmanship with thermoplastic injection technology to provide a unified plastic manufacturing and assembly solution. Our expertise derives from our mold manufacturing plant established over 60 years ago. Our mold manufacturing know-how is the backbone for each project enabling high quality, cost-effective and responsive turn-key solutions.The seamless integration of services – from mold design to mold making, plastic injection, assembly, packaging and shipping – allows for full responsibility over quality control, at every stage of the production process, and provides a one-stop shop for the three step of plastic production: mold making, plastic injection and assembly. Rimoni Industries is a family-run corporation managed by the sons of the Company’s founder, Mr. Yotam Rimoni. The Company employs more than 300 workers at two modern plants spanning 2,000 sqm and 12,000 sqm respectively. This year (2017), the Company opened a new 8,400 sqm state of the art plant located in the center of Israel expanding Rimoni‚Äôs manufacturing capabilities.

Technology / Products / Services

Mold making is a craft, and the heart of the plastic manufacturing business. While Rimoni employs advanced computerized systems and equipment, there is no substitute for human expertise. Rimoni mold makers possess the time-honed know-how to understand customer needs and translate mold design into perfect products.

Our advance molding capabilities include: Prototype molds for complex and intricate products, Multi-cavity molds, Implementation of advance hot runner systems, Molds for micro-precision parts, Over-molding. We use state-of-the-art machinery from leading manufacturers like Blohm, Jones & Shipman, Studer, Agie, Rofin. Rimoni excels in creative, innovative solutions to difficult problems, flawless efficient creation of quality molds enables customers to bring superior products to market rapidly and at a competitive cost. Great molds make great products.

Injection Molding Division: Rimoni industries provide thermoplastic injection solution at the fine end of the production spectrum. The company offers a large and flexible manufacturing capacity with over 100 injection machines from leading manufacturers such as Engle, Arburg, Nestal and Demag, Engel. A wide range of clamping forces from 35 to 500 ton, ISO 8 (Class 100,000) Clean Room Injection capabilities with a large assembly area, round the clock operation – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Customer list includes: TEVA, West Pharma, Alpha Bio, MIS, Degania Medical, Active Implants, Alcon, TAG medical and many others.


Objectives: Reach out to new clients that are looking for new high quality suppliers at reasonable prices.
Target businesses: Drug Delivery Device manufacturers/developers. Medical Device companies with a need for plastic components and high volume production. Companies with a need for plastic packaging (Dental).
Target Countries: Europe (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain). East Coast USA, Africa.