QinFlow Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, Veterinary
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Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

Background: trauma and Hypothermia is a lethal combination: hypothermia in an adult trauma victim with a core temperature less than 320C (89.60F) is associated with 100% mortality, independent of the presence of shock, injury severity score, or volume of fluid resuscitation. Trauma is the main cause of death for ages 0-46 and 67% of trauma patients are likely to develop hypothermia. Behind QinFlow are 2 paramedics from 2 distinct elite units in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that closely experienced the lethal impact of trauma and hypothermia and committed themselves to come up with an adequate solution.
Company at a Glance: Since 2008 Quality in Flow (“QinFlow”) has worked to develop and perfect an extremely efficient fluid warming technology. Leveraging this unique and patented technology, the company’s flagship product – the Warrior – provides front end search and rescue teams, critical care transport teams, ER teams, trauma centers, and operating rooms with a reliable, simple to operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device that operates flawlessly in all environmental conditions in order to fight hypothermia and help in saving lives. The Warrior has been adopted by multiple civil and defense premium accounts across the entire continuum of care, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Helicopter EMS (HEMS), Search and Rescue (SAR), Emergency Rooms (ERs), Operating Rooms (ORs) and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) as their preferred blood and IV warming fluid device. The Warrior’s unique ability to adequately address
the distinct needs across the entire continuum of care positions it as a next generation warming device, offering better care at an improved cost of ownership.

Technology & Product(s)

The Warrior is based on cutting edge (and patented) fluid warming technology. It is a revolutionary portable blood and IV fluid warming device capable of meeting the key performance parameters expected from modern fluid warmers in prehospital and hospital settings, including:

  • Instantaneous warming in all conditions: the Warrior warms fluids from practically any fluid input temperature and flow rate requirements to body temperature in just a few seconds;
  • High battery capacity: the Warrior provides three to five times the amount of warmed fluids per single battery than any alternative solution;
  • Low resistance to flow: the Warrior supports very low (KVO) as well as very high (200ml/min for 4-380C; 200ml/min for 20-380C) flow rate requirements;
  • Flexible power sources: the Warrior is both battery and AC operable;
  • Superb size-performance ratio: the Warrior provides hospital-grade performance in a prehospital chassis, and Simple to use: the Warrior is easy to train, maintain and troubleshoot; no calibration is required



  • Meet prominent EMS and hospital distributors for USA, Canada, France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, India, and South Africa.
  • Meet commercial and clinical decision makers in the prominent prehospital (EMS, HEMS, etc.) and hospital / health care (ER, OR, ICU) organizations
  • Meet commercial and clinical decision makers in various military services
  • Gain exposure to relevant participants from investment, media and analysts

Target businesses: Distributors and end users (buyers, emergency staff, surgeons, anesthetists).
Target Countries: Predominantly North America and Europe.