Pronat Medical

Component parts for medical devices, consumables & electrical/electronic
Fixations and wearables for medical devices, electrodes & sensors

Company at a Glance

With its skilled engineering team and experience in precise manufacturing of flexible materials, Pronat assists companies worldwide with development and manufacturing of custom medical skin fixations, wearables and patches.

We have evolved over the last 30 years as one of the most creative converters of flexible materials. Our converting capabilities permit us to perform some of the most diverse and complex die-cutting and assembly projects necessary to meet the requirements of our demanding customers.  Our facilities includes, high speed laser cutting, slitting, sheeting, die-cutting, laminating, welding, routing, robotic assembly and much more. We continually invest in the latest process technology so as to maintain and develop our converting capabilities to produce parts of the highest quality.

Pronat offers support from product development all the way through to full turnkey manufacturing solutions. Services include the management of the supply chain of the base materials, sourcing and manufacturing of non-standard parts, engineering and design support, manufacturing, carrying of buffer stocks, ship to stock quality control, process validation, customized packaging and local and international shipment. Custom manufacturing processes can be rapidly set up utilizing Pronat’s highly accurate modular robotic pick and place systems which provides unique adhesive assembly solutions.

We stock and convert a wide range of biocompatible and medical grade foams, adhesives and film materials from leading manufacturers. For electronic devices we offer solutions for EMI/RFI shielding, heat management, electrical insulation and gasketing, bonding and other applications while ensuring strict regulatory compliance.


Technology / Products / Services:

We provide custom skin contact solutions for medical device manufacturers including patches, electrodes, skin fixations and wearable devices. Applications include injectable drug devices, ECG sensors, cardiac monitoring, self–testing devices, temperature measurement, patient monitoring, diagnostics and muscle stimulation.

Sensors & Electrodes

Pronat supports company projects to develop and manufacture custom-made sensors and electrodes including EEG, ECG, ECT and defibrillator applications. Using a range of medical substrates and adhesive materials with different qualities and thicknesses as well as studs and printed layers we can achieve unique design functionality for your devices.

Materials & components for the electronic controls of medical equipment

EMI/ RFI shielding – Thermal conductivity – Electrical insulation – Gasketing and sealing – adhesive solutions

Certification: ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485


Objectives: To continue to develop our expertise as a leading fixation & wearables designer and manufacturer
Target businesses: To support the medical device manufacturing industry
Target Countries: Germany and the rest of Europe