Therapeutic Area(s):
General Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenue

Company at a Glance

Polycart Medical has completed years of research and development and is proud to present POLYAB PL0211.

Our production technologies enable the design and manufacture of components of various sizes and designs, tailored to the system that the manufacturers require to provide an antibacterial solution for the patient environment.

Technology & Product(s)

POLYAB PL0211 is an innovative solution featuring a panel made of ABS material that can be converted by thermo-forming technology into a component of the finished product for the patient environment, operating and other rooms where bacterial deposits are substantial, and the risk of infection is high. POLYAB PL0211 contains embedded antibacterial material, unlike other solutions in which antibacterial material coats the inner surfaces, and any groove or scratch exposes the product to renewal of bacterial colonies.


Objectives: Finding distributors and manufacturers that can produce products from our antibacterial ABS plates.
Target businesses: Finding distributors and manufacturers from Europe, USA and Canada.
Target Countries: Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, USA, Canada and S. Africa.