Peak Medical

Therapeutic Area(s):
ICU - Intensive Care Unit
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

Peak Medical is a private company established in 2012. The Company develops and manufactures special innovative products for EMS, airway management, intensive care and respiratory support.

Companies have developed and continue to develop number of products for resuscitation of neonates and especially for preemies with extremely low weight. All the products do beyond what traditional devices would normally supply. All of them are based on own patents.

Most of the products are CE certificated. Peak Medical is FDA registered manufacturer.

Technology & Product(s)

Plastics, electronics, video systems, precision mechanics, 3D printing

Laryngoscopes, Video laryngoscope, Special Guides, Resuscitators


Objectives: Mass Production + license transfer.
Target businesses: Development.
Target Countries: EU, USA, Korea, Japan.