Peak Medical

Medical Devices
MIS - Minimally Invasive System, Medical Equipment, Disposable
Therapeutic Area(s)
Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Neonatal
Company Status
Initial Revenues

Peak Medical Ltd is a provider of unique airway management, emergency and critical care devices that do beyond what traditional devices would normally supply.

Our mission is to develop a steady stream of novel, patentable medical devices for Global Market.

Our products are based on 8 company’s patents and patents applications.

Among the products that Peak Medical has developed and is manufacturing are:

  • Video and Direct Laryngoscopes for neonates, especially for very low weight preemies with range of disposable blades and special attachments for surfactant application and oxygen insufflation.
  • Portable Neonatal Resuscitator -Ventilator (working prototype stage)
  • Neonatal Monitor for resuscitation process (preproduction)
  • Neonatal Training Set
  • Range of disposable, foldable, compact plastic laryngoscopes